I see Beauty in the plain and simple.
I am excited by color, texture, and form.

I love the surprise of unexpected relationships and juxtapositions.

This kind of seeing is possible because my camera is always with me.
It slows me down.
I am able to hold moments, stop time.

The photographs I take come from an unconscious space
as I see what already exists and is waiting to be seen.

Each picture remains unaltered.
I am always on the threshold of discovery.

dissolving boundaries, playing with limits, deeply personal,
a quiet place of in-between.

"A modern camera can produce a good photograph....but art --now that is another matter. Your work is art... ...please quote me on your website. I would be honored."

-Joe Miller, Artistic Director and Curator of the Miller Center for Photographic Arts, Virginia

"Waiting rooms and consulting rooms are liminal spaces. Ruth's photographs have made my psychotherapy office a place I experience as healing in its own right."

-Christine Erskine, MSW, LICSW, Washington, DC

"...Ruth is a distinguished psychotherapist, musician, and photographer. She has exhibited in Maryland, Virginia, and Colorado. Her work exudes emotion: sometimes soothing...mysterious, sometimes reminiscent of Buddhism."

-Steve Passman, Juror - Vienna Photographic Society, Virginia

" We have three of Ruth's photographs...Her eye for natural beauty and quietude comes through in her work. Her photos are images of peace and tranquility. I love her use of color...Ruth's photographs help me see what i might not otherwise see...familiar images in a whole new way."

-David Cooper, Ph.D, Psychoanalyst, Bethesda, Maryland

Juried Show – SPARK Gallery, Denver, 2 photographs - “Guilty Pleasures” Juried Show, EDGE Gallery, Denver. - “On Edge”, Denver, (2 photographs);
Published photographs in IFPE (Intntl. Forum for Psychoanalytic Education);
2011 cont.
Published Cover photo of “Fundamental Concepts” Program, Washington School of Psychiatry;
Juried Show, Terri Bell Gallery, Denver; juried show, CORE Gallery, Denver; Anthology Gallery, Denver; June, 2011
Juried Show: September, CORE Gallery, Denver, Colorado - 2 juried into “Pink”
Juried Show: June, CORE Gallery, Denver, Colorado - 1 juried into: “The Road Show”
Juried Show: July, CORE Gallery, Denver, Colorado -2 juried into “Locally Grown”